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What makes the difference ? 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, alone or with your family, our team will try their best for you to have an amazing stay with us. 

"Dive sites untouched by other dive operators"

Diving with us gives you the privilege of access to sites untouched by other dive operators. The silence of feeling alone under the water just adds some magic to your dive. Our occasional exploration dives open up many options of spontaneous, pristine and safe reef/wall dives for you. Of course, we’re definitely open for any suggestions of the location/types of dives that you would like to do with us…. So please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what can be done for you.   

Bobtail squid at night dive with Dugong Dive Center, Palawan, Philippines
Family diving with Dugong Dive Center, Palawan, Philippines

"We are involved in the protection of our environment"

As members of the Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary, we have been actively protecting our waters for almost 2 decades... and together with our well trained, experienced and properly licensed crew, we ensure you get only the best. Most of our dives sites are Marine Protected Areas and we fought over the last years that no fishing was done there, leaving the beauty of these dive sites intact. 

"18 years of existence !"

Some of our team members are here since the beginning ! We chose our crew for its professionnalism and customer-orientated will. Our years of professionalism, training (eg. regular renewal of CPR training for crew), maintenance (equipment, boats, etc), logistics & dive service will ensure you have a safe trip to be remembered ! 

Boat crew from Dugong Dive Center, Palawan, Philippines
Diving with dugong, Palawan, Philippines

"So come and see the magic for yourself..."

 Dirk Fahrenbach, our CEO, have had experiences diving all over the world, and also ran dive operations in Germany, Maldives, Croatia—yet he still chose to settle down in Northern Palawan… it is up to you to come here & see for yourself the magic surrounding our waters. 

Created by nature. Operated by environmentalists. Just for you.

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