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Turtle protection program


Causes of the worldwide decline of Marine Turtle populations :

Overharvesting of eggs

Collection of all stages (to make carapace guitars, earrings...)



Dimakya island housereef is home to quite a number of Green Sea and Hawksbill turtles.

Together with our dive center and the Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary, 406.2 Maricaban Division, we have been involved in a lot of environmental-conservation and protection efforts.


All around the resort, guests can find nests that are fenced due to the hunting, digging and eating of monitor lizards. On every nest, you can find information about the species, the date where the eggs are laid, the incubation and the approximate date of hatching.



Measuring baby turtle, protection program, Palawan, Philippines
Egg of sea turtle, protection program, Palawan, Philippines

Hatching is usually during night time, baby turtles are attracted to any source of light, naturally from the moon. Since the resort has many artificial light, they have to be guided properly. Primary instinct is to go to the SEA guided by the light and start with their lifelong journey of survival.


Everyone can look at this wonderful experience of nature that is observing the hatching of baby turtles.


Besides the protecting of turtle nests, our dive center makes an important point on telling everyone to not patronize  turtle by-products nor take them to your home as pets - for their home is the sea. 

Eggs of sea turtle, protection program, Palawan, Philippines
Turtle protection program, beach, Palawan, Philippines


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