30 minutes by banca. Max. depth 42 m.

This impressive Japanese freighter measures about 136 m long and lies almost upright. The main structures remain intact. It carries in one of its holds a car and truck. This wreck provides shelter to batfishes and substrate for the ubiquitous bivalves. Fusiliers, trevallies, barracudas and rays are occasionally seen

Japanese Cargo Ship, Type: Army Auxiliary Ship 
Sunk in World War II, 24th September, 1944 
Total Length: 136m (450 feet) 
Position: Upright

Wreck Depth: 
Mast area: 12-14m (40-45 feet) 
Wheel house: 22-24m (70-80 feet) 
Deck Level: 26-28m (85-95 feet) 
First Level Cargo Area: 30-33m (100-110 feet) 
Maximum Depth: 42m (140 feet)

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