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Yellow thorny seahorse, reef dive, Palawan, Philippines

30 minutes by banca. Depth 3-19 m. This meandering reef, also called the magical house reef, offers the opportunity to encounter an incredible diversity of aquatic life.


The slope of sand and seagrass is house of lots of macrolife and make it a good treasure hunt for seahorse, pipefish, etc... On the reef, you can spot a large aggregation of jackfish and scads. Some giant clams are also located there at 12m.




During months of December to April, cuttlefishes can be closely observed in the reef. Next to the reef is an extensive seagrass bed where you can regulary spot green turtles.

An incredible diversity of aquatic life that will offer you an unforgettable dive.

Diver with giant clam, Palawan, Philippines

Dimakya Island

Marine Sanctuary

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