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Advanced Open Water Course


Dive instructor congratulate students for course, Palawan, Philippines

This course is designed to advance your diving skills and experiences ! That's why you can take it right after your Open Water certification. It's all about fun learning and new discoveries ! 

What will you learn during this course ? 


It will expand your scuba skills through 5 Adventure dives and it will help you build self-confidence by gaining experience. Two of them are mandatory : Deep diving and Underwater navigation and as for the other three,  your instructor will help you choose (wreck diving, night diving, underwater photography, fish identification...).


You can try out the different specialties that are all about building theorical and underwater knowledge and a lot more while still having fun ! 


Diver on shipwreck Kyokuzan Maru, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
Frogfish in seagrass, reef diving, Palawan, Philippines

@Omar Linsangan

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